Weird stuff happens when you hand the keys to the terminally curious.

They come up with plans for what others call “unthinkable” and devise things that go higher, further, better, smarter. In the end, they’re the ones launching ideas that end up as flags on faraway moons.

Wags Lending

Boost put together a dog photo shoot for Wags Lending and then built out all collateral, pos materials, website, etc.

jessie fitness

Jessie needed a clean and modern website with an equally elegant, sharp and responsive blog. So the result is a website with a fluid layout that adapts to all screen resolutions, ranging from a desktop computer to a mobile phone.

wells fargo

We helped create an employee recognition program for the East Coast called “Bravo!” This included logo and stationary development, monthly and quarterly district manager kits and other collateral pieces.

koa campgrounds

This is a designer’s dream. Your creative director say’s: “the sky’s the limit!” So you get one of the top photographers on the West Coast (who happens to be a friend and a client), your wife, friends, neighbors, kids, a couple dogs and a Harley and just start shooting. You bring back real life to camping, people just being themselves instead of the perfect photoshopped families that no one believes.

choose positivity now

Boost believes that humanity subsists on positivity, greatness and, ultimately, love. Grant and Shawna Korgan embody all three. This is why it has been our privilege and honor to work on the Korg Movement. We developed their logo, apparel and jewelry design, book art and website.

the biggest little city movement

Boost helped create the brand for the non-profit, Biggest Little City, with the goal of bringing the “swagger back” to Reno.